31-Day Self Confidence Journal


The 31 Day Self Confidence Challenge is intended to help you calm your inner critic, build resilience, and foster trust in yourself over the course of one month. It includes one journal and two workbooks.

  1. 31-Day Self Confidence Journal: Helps enhance self-confidence through daily prompts, quizzes, and confidence-boosting exercises.
  2. Inner Critic Workbook: Helps you understand and control negative thinking patterns and explores your inner strengths.
  3. Self Confidence Workbook: Includes a set of tools designed to facilitate personal growth and encourage self-assured living.

All resources come in US Letter and A4 printable size options, and the affirmation cards come with an additional standard card size 2.5 x 3.5in and full-page options for home printing.

Learn more about each item below.

1. 31-Day Self Confidence Journal

Self confidence is the prism through which you see your life. When your confidence is high, you take on new challenges and trust yourself. When your confidence is low, you worry about what might go wrong and struggle to make decisions.

This journal can help you break out of self-doubt and back into the confidence that is already inside of you.

This 35-page Self Confidence Journal includes:

  • Self Confidence 101
  • 31 journal pages - one for every day of a month of the self confidence journey
  • A daily prompt that will help focus on your self confidence goal.
  • A perfect companion to the Self Confidence Workbook (also included in this bundle)
  • Two printable size options: US Letter and A4

2. Inner Critic Workbook

Your inner critic has been with you your whole life, attempting to protect and care for you. But in doing so, it often goes to extremes. What’s the solution? Embrace your inner critic. Find a balance. Transform your pain and take charge of yourself.

This 32-page Inner Critic Workbook includes:

  • Inner Critic 101
  • Explanation of negative thinking patterns and grounding
  • Strategies (like “R.A.I.N.”) to control your inner critic
  • Loving kindness meditation
  • Challenge your thoughts and picture your inner child
  • An exploration of your strengths
  • Worksheets covering self-sabotage, worthiness, and shame
  • Two printable size options: US Letter and A4

3. Self Confidence Workbook

The Self Confidence Workbook includes a set of tools designed to facilitate personal growth and encourage self-assured living.

This 34-page Self Confidence Workbook includes:

  • Confidence Quiz
  • Confidence Boost brainstorming
  • Confidence playlist creation
  • Exploration of the Self Confidence Spectrum
  • Things that can kill your self confidence—and how to avoid them
  • Journaling about fear of failure and success
  • Learn to master small talk and be confidence around others
  • Two printable size options: US Letter and A4
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31-Day Self Confidence Journal