31-Day Gratitude Journal


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The 31 Day Gratitude Challenge is a set of journals, planners, and affirmation cards designed to help you cultivate a gratitude habit over the course of one month.

It includes:

  1. 31-Day Gratitude Journal: This focuses on fostering an attitude of gratitude with daily prompts.
  2. Gratitude Planner: A structured planner for creating daily gratitude plans.
  3. Gratitude Quotes Cards: A collection of 31 cards featuring inspiring gratitude quotes.
  4. Gratitude Affirmations Cards: These 31 affirmation cards are designed to nurture a sense of thankfulness.

1. 31-Day Gratitude Journal

This Gratitude Journal is designed to be a companion for refocusing on gratitude over the course of a month.

This 53-page Gratitude Planner includes:

  • Gratitude 101
  • Gratitude tracker
  • Guided journal pages with quotes
  • Daily pages with prompts + weekly reflection pages
  • Reflection on the month of gratitude
  • Two printable size options: US Letter and A4

2. Gratitude Planner

The Gratitude Planner helps you cultivate gratitude on a daily basis by encouraging you to take a structured approach to creating gratitude in your life.

Ahead of each day, you’ll create a “gratitude plan” to look for opportunities to be grateful, as well as reflect on your mood, thankfulness, small victories, and what would make tomorrow great.

This 44-page Gratitude Planner includes:

  • Daily/Weekly planner
  • Monthly calendar
  • Pages for five weeks
  • Two printable size options: US Letter and A4

3. Gratitude Quotes Cards

This little card pack contains a month of gratitude quotes cards. Draw inspiration and guidance by keeping a card where you can see it: perhaps on your desk, beside your bed, or taped to the dashboard of your car. Use these quotes as inspiration for daily living.

  • 31 Gratitude cards with gratitude quotes: one for each day of the month
  • Quotes from prominent mindfulness teachers like Gabrielle Bernstein, Jack Canfield, and Eckhart Tolle
  • Two printable layout options: individual cards or full pages for easy printing at home

4. Gratitude Affirmations Cards

This little card pack contains 31 affirmation cards to aid your journey to gratitude.

Draw inspiration and guidance by keeping these cards where you can see them: taped to the bathroom mirror, for example, or on the refrigerator. May they bring positive vibes of thankfulness into your world.

  • 31 Gratitude Affirmation Cards
  • Two printable layout options: standard card size 2.5 x 3.5in and full page for home printing.

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31-Day Gratitude Journal

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