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9 Printable Mindfulness Workbooks


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Get every printable Mindfulness Workbook we offer, covering themes like gratitude, self care, and calming your inner critic.

This workbook bundle includes:

  1. Gratitude Planner: A structured planner for creating daily gratitude plans.
  2. Self Care Workbook: This workbook contains a variety of tools and exercises for enhancing self-care habits and awareness.
  3. Self Love Workbook: A comprehensive guide for nurturing self-love with various tools such as vision boards, habit trackers, and reflection pages.
  4. Inner Critic Workbook: Helps you understand and control negative thinking patterns and explores your inner strengths.
  5. Self Confidence Workbook: Includes a set of tools designed to facilitate personal growth and encourage self-assured living.
  6. Find Your Purpose Workbook: Takes your reflections from the Find Your Purpose Journal and helps you apply them to your life in a practical way.
  7. Manifestation Planner: Helps cultivate an abundance mindset and guides you in planning and visualizing your dream life.
  8. Vision Board Planner: A practical tool to design and track your vision of an ideal future.
  9. Urge Surfing Workbook: Learn to observe your feelings without acting on them.

Each component is available in multiple printable formats (US Letter / A4) for convenient use.

You can learn more about each item below.

1. Gratitude Planner

The Gratitude Planner helps you cultivate gratitude on a daily basis by encouraging you to take a structured approach to creating gratitude in your life.

Ahead of each day, you’ll create a “gratitude plan” to look for opportunities to be grateful, as well as reflect on your mood, thankfulness, small victories, and what would make tomorrow great.

This 44-page Gratitude Planner includes:

  • Daily/Weekly planner
  • Monthly calendar
  • Pages for five weeks
  • Two printable size options: US Letter and A4

2. Self Care Workbook

In this workbook, you’ll explore the full range of self care tools at your disposal: learning to say no, forgiving yourself, developing positive habits, and much more. This workbook will help you check in with where you are right now on your self care journey, so you can understand where you may need to give yourself more care.

This 38-page Self Care Workbook includes:

  • “How to Practice Self Care” guide
  • Monthly self care goals and reflection sheets
  • The Self Care Wheel (and tasks to balance it)
  • “Learning to say no” worksheet
  • “Stop complaining” worksheet
  • Habit tracker, meal planner, and ways to pamper yourself
  • Exercises on forgiving yourself and seeing possibilities in every problem
  • Two printable size options: US Letter and A4

3. Self Love Workbook

In this 60-page workbook, you’ll explore self love wheels, vision boards, and habit trackers on the path to treating yourself with greater self love and care.

  • Self Love 101 guide
  • Self love wheel
  • Vision board
  • 7 reflection pages to deepen understanding
  • Go in-depth on change, support circles, and managing emotions
  • Reframe negative self talk
  • Conduct a social media audit
  • Self love tracker
  • Create a self love daily ritual
  • Two printable size options: US Letter and A4

4. Inner Critic Workbook

Your inner critic has been with you your whole life, attempting to protect and care for you. But in doing so, it often goes to extremes. What’s the solution? Embrace your inner critic. Find a balance. Transform your pain and take charge of yourself.

This 32-page Inner Critic Workbook includes:

  • Inner Critic 101
  • Explanation of negative thinking patterns and grounding
  • Strategies (like “R.A.I.N.”) to control your inner critic
  • Loving kindness meditation
  • Challenge your thoughts and picture your inner child
  • An exploration of your strengths
  • Worksheets covering self-sabotage, worthiness, and shame
  • Two printable size options: US Letter and A4

5. Self Confidence Workbook

The Self Confidence Workbook includes a set of tools designed to facilitate personal growth and encourage self-assured living.

This 34-page Self Confidence Workbook includes:

  • Confidence Quiz
  • Confidence Boost brainstorming
  • Confidence playlist creation
  • Exploration of the Self Confidence Spectrum
  • Things that can kill your self confidence—and how to avoid them
  • Journaling about fear of failure and success
  • Learn to master small talk and be confidence around others
  • Two printable size options: US Letter and A4

6. Find Your Purpose Workbook

Finding your purpose is one thing—implementing it is something else.

This workbook takes your reflections from the Find Your Purpose Journal and puts them in a more practical framing. It provides a step-by-step guide to turning your purpose into concrete, actionable next steps so you can visualize—and then live—your purpose every day.

This 36-page Find Your Purpose Workbook includes:

  • Ikigai + Purpose 101
  • Human needs information and worksheets
  • Character strengths information and worksheets
  • Finding your purpose worksheets
  • Action plan to implement your purpose
  • Two printable size options: US Letter and A4

7. Manifestation Planner

This planner starts with the end in mind: being successful at manifesting what you want. It starts with taking stock of where you are right now, and then helps you build a crystal-clear vision of where you’d like to be.

This 78-page Manifestation Planner includes:

  • Manifesting 101
  • Wheel of Life and Vision Board
  • Cultivating an Abundance Mindset
  • Visualizing your dream life
  • Write a Letter to the Universe
  • Manifesting goals for 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 1 year
  • Daily manifesting ritual + tracker
  • Daily + monthly manifesting planner
  • Yearly reflection
  • Two printable size options: US Letter and A4

8. Vision Board Planner

Use this planner to design a positive vision of your future (in just two hours).

Vision boards are practical, effective tools for helping you get clear on how you want your life to be, look, and feel. This planner walks you through the process of making your own vision board so you can design your dream life.

This 39-page Vision Board Planner includes:

  • Vision Boards 101 - how they work and what they are
  • Life Wheel - understand which areas of your life you want to work on
  • Vision Board Design page
  • Journal pages related to each Life Wheel category
  • Annual and Monthly planner pages to keep track of your goals
  • Two printable size options: US Letter and A4

9.Urge Surfing Workbook (NEW!)

The Urge Surfing Workbook is designed to help you learn to observe your feelings without acting on them.

Urge surfing is a form of cognitive-behavioral therapy that helps manage cravings.

The workbook is 23 pages and includes:

  • Introduction to Urge Surfing
  • Prompted journal and reflection questions
  • How to recognize your urges
  • Urge log
  • Mindfulness techniques to manage urges
  • How to recognize negative thinking patterns
  • Two printable size options: US Letter and A4

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9 Printable Mindfulness Workbooks

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