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31-Day Mindfulness Journal


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Join the hundreds of people who rely on Mindfulness Box for classroom mindfulness lessons, corporate training, group meditations, and personal mindfulness practice.

31 Days to Mindfulness is a set of printable journals, challenges, and affirmation cards designed to help you build a mindfulness habit over the course of one month.

It includes:

  1. 28-Day Mindfulness Challenge: 28 days of mindfulness exercises to propel your practice.
  2. 31-Day Guided Mindfulness Journal: This journal encourages daily mindfulness practice through prompts and reflections.
  3. Mindfulness Affirmations Cards: These 31 affirmation cards are designed to nurture your mindfulness practice.

Each component of the bundle is available in printable formats for convenient use.

You can learn more about each item below.

1. 28-Day Mindfulness Challenge

The 28-Day Mindfulness Exercise Challenge is designed to help you build your mindfulness habit over the course of a month, while exposing you to a diverse set of mindfulness techniques.

Rather than doing the same thing each day, the 28-Day Mindfulness Exercise Challenge takes you from breathing techniques to mindful cooking to grounding exercises—ensuring you'll stay challenged throughout the full month.

The Challenge is 44 pages and includes:

  • Self "Mindfulness assessment" to set a baseline and review changes
  • Mindfulness techniques: body scan meditation, grounding exercises, and loving kindness meditation
  • 28 daily mindfulness challenges, one for each day over four weeks
  • Thoughtful questions to help you go deeper each day
  • Mindfulness activity tracker
  • Notes pages to capture your learning and reflection
  • Two printable size options: US Letter and A4

2. 31-Day Guided Mindfulness Journal

This Guided Mindfulness Journal is designed to be a companion for month-long mindfulness challenges. It includes daily prompts and weekly reflections intended to help you reduce stress and cultivate calm in your life.

Print it and fill it out as you go. Use this journal as a physical reminder of your commitment to yourself to focus on mindfulness for a full month.

The journal is 44 pages and includes:

  • Mindfulness 101 - information about mindfulness
  • Mindfulness commitment - writing your intention can help to keep up motivation through the month
  • Mindfulness tracker to help set a routine and keep track of your daily practice
  • 31 Guided journal pages - prompts to reflect on each day, a daily mood tracker, and inspirational quotes
  • 5 weekly pages to reflect back on each week
  • Reflection on the month of mindfulness
  • Lined and dotted note pages
  • Two printable size options: US Letter and A4

3. Mindfulness Affirmation Cards

This card pack contains 31 affirmation cards to aid your mindfulness journey.

Draw inspiration and guidance by keeping these cards where you can see them: taped to the bathroom mirror, for example, or on the refrigerator. May they bring a daily mindful reminder to you when you need it most.

  • 31 Mindfulness Affirmation Cards
  • Full page layout for home printing

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31-Day Mindfulness Journal

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