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31-Day Self Love Journal


31 Days to Self Love

31 Days to Self Love is a set of journals and workbooks designed to promote greater self-love and enhanced self-compassion skills over the course of one month.

It includes:

  1. 31-Day Self Care Journal: This journal explores self-care practices over a month with reflection prompts.
  2. Self Care Workbook: This workbook contains a variety of tools and exercises for enhancing self-care habits and awareness.
  3. Self Love Workbook: A comprehensive guide for nurturing self-love with various tools such as vision boards, habit trackers, and reflection pages.

Each component of the bundle is available in printable formats for convenient use.

You can learn more about each item below.

1. 31-Day Self Care Journal

In this journal, you’ll explore self-care ideas and actions over the course of a month with reflection prompts like “What’s one positive habit change I can make in my daily life?” and “What self-care actions truly make me happy?”. Each one is important as you step through this 31-day journey.

This 36-page Self Care Journal includes:

  • Self Care 101
  • 31 journal pages - one for every day of a month of your self care journey
  • A daily prompt that will help your focus on the self care goal.
  • Two printable size options: US Letter and A4
  • A perfect companion to the Self Care Workbook (also included in this bundle)

2. Self Care Workbook

In this workbook, you’ll explore the full range of self care tools at your disposal: learning to say no, forgiving yourself, developing positive habits, and much more. This workbook will help you check in with where you are right now on your self care journey, so you can understand where you may need to give yourself more care.

This 38-page Self Care Workbook includes:

  • “How to Practice Self Care” guide
  • Monthly self care goals and reflection sheets
  • The Self Care Wheel (and tasks to balance it)
  • “Learning to say no” worksheet
  • “Stop complaining” worksheet
  • Habit tracker, meal planner, and ways to pamper yourself
  • Exercises on forgiving yourself and seeing possibilities in every problem
  • Two printable size options: US Letter and A4

3. Self Love Workbook

In this 60-page workbook, you’ll explore self love wheels, vision boards, and habit trackers on the path to treating yourself with greater self love and care.

  • Self Love 101 guide
  • Self love wheel
  • Vision board
  • 7 reflection pages to deepen understanding
  • Go in-depth on change, support circles, and managing emotions
  • Reframe negative self talk
  • Conduct a social media audit
  • Self love tracker
  • Create a self love daily ritual
  • Two printable size options: US Letter and A4
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You'll get a bundle of 3 printable Self Love tools including a journal and two workbooks. (Total value: $30)

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31-Day Self Love Journal